We all know by now that Forex is actually a portmanteau word that consists of the words foreign exchange. Thus, Forex trading would generally refer to the trading of the various currencies. This currency trade has actually existed in our world for centuries and even millennia and can be said that it is as old as the concepts of money and trading itself. The market for foreign exchange is ginormous and is one of the largest in volumes of the trade. This currency trading is important and is useful for those companies which deal in the import or export of certain goods and services.

Only large financial institutions in the past allowed the trading of currencies, but today with the help of forex brokers, even individuals can try and invest and create an opportunity for themselves. A forex broker can be said to be a company which provides a platform for individuals who would like to engage themselves in the trading of currencies. Online forex trading now provides a huge market. Now let us know more about one of the major international brokers – IQ Options

IQ Options

IQ Options is a big forex broker which consists of more than 20 million accounts and traders the world over. The broker provides cutting edge solutions for Forex, CFDs, ETFs and other options. IQ Option, one of the best Forex broker, offers you 188 different Forex Pairs. The broker guarantees high returns but with high risk. The broker gives you the opportunity to invest in the largest and the most liquid markets in the world. The most encouraging thing about the IQ Option Forex broker is that it has won many awards and are preferred by the experts of the industry. It has bagged the Best Binary Options Broker in Europe and the Century International Quality Gold ERA Award.

The company is based in Mahe, Seychelles and has been providing services since 2013. The broker offers Binary Options Trading Platform. As it says, the minimum deposit that you can make is of $10 and the minimum deal is of $1. You can also get started with a free Demo account. You would 24/7 customer support so that you do not ever feel out of place with all that is going on.

The deposit options are pretty simple. Even the withdrawal process is quite simple. Almost all of the withdrawals are made instantly and without any hassle. You can use VISA, Neteller, Skrill, MasterCard, MAestro, WebMoney and Wire Transfer. There are also applications that are available for the PC, tablet and mobile. They make all the analysis for you so that you do not have any trouble in the process.



It provides applications for PCs, tablets and mobiles that do all the analysis for you. It also provides layout and previous quotes.
You can avail yourself of 24/7 support.
The deposit and withdrawal options are almost instantaneous.


It trades in binary options, whose market is still quite limited.
The broker is still pretty new with its inception in 2013.

Summing it all up, IQ Options seems like a good enough place to put your money. The returns are high and there are high risks, but you already know that while you are trying to invest. Good Luck!

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