EToro is a trading platform that is user-friendly and it is designed to assisst beginners in Forex trading. This exceptional interface makes trading easy by analyzing everything for you so that you can really concentrate on critical trading decisions with merely single click. No matter what level of trading you are on, eToro provides all the needed Forex trading tools at your fingertips.


About the Platform

eToro has a simple and visual platform that makes it easy for anyone to learn and understand how Forex trading works. There are so many eToro Reviews that talk about how eToro is fun, easy to use, visually stimulating, and above all, reliable.

The most excellent matter in relation to eToro is that it provides sample accounts for you to practice your trading skills with no risking a money. EToro’s sample mode offers limitless trading for live market rates, so you can gain knowledge of further trading strategies prior to diving into the real world of Forex trading.

Once you are ready to invest real money, you can turn to live mode and start trading with as little as $50. To make things even better, there is a first deposit bonus available for new traders. Plus, money managers are also available to give trading tips and financial advice to those who are new to Forex trading.

EToro makes certain that the Forex traders receive exclusive services-from unique trading conditions to outstanding customer service, not to point out remarkable practice opportunities together with constantly improved and updated trading tools, which is why there are so many certain eToro Reviews that brag about and propose eToro.

What i like about eToro

Another nice thing about eToro is the fact that you get to trade from home, enjoying the convenience of being your own boss, making your own schedule, and being with your family. All you need is internet connection, and nowadays, it’s hard to find a home without internet.
eToro is a exceptional internet forex that has attracted much attention from the forex trading community. They are an assertive online promoter of their services.

eToro have taken a unique approach by utilizing computer game visuals to substitute normal trading software. Due to this, forex traders are offered a pleasurable as well as unique system of trading while still offering qualified customers an extensive collection of tools with their expert mode.

Four routes of forex trading is done with eToro. The first area is called Forex Marathon. In the marathon, currencies are represented by cartoon characters racing against each other. Characters consist of a sumo wrestler (yen) as well as Uncle Sam (usd).

There are characters to represent all the currencies that eToro give their clients. This offers clients an appealing and pleasurable visual depiction of the currency pairs performance over time. customers certainly are able to open loads of currency trades at the same time. If the client has many running trades, many visual representations are offered. To view a summary of all your open trades, “My Open Trades” page will list them out with the details of each trade.

The next game eToro has for its customers is the dollar trend. It involves buying or selling the US Dollar against one or many other currencies. The visual screen is akin to the forex marathon but instead of characters racing against each other, they are represented by coins as an alternative.

The third game is dubbed the Global Trader. Pick your currency pair to trade and a wire signal linking the opposing countries will show on a arena map. And to finish, the last type of trading is dubbed the Forex Match. Trades a represented visually in a tug of war between two currencies. As little as $50 gets you a live account and should you need to test their platform you can get a free forex demo account.

eToro is the only online broker that offers such as exciting means to trading currencies. If i’m not mistaken, they are also the first to do this. Seeing as they are fairly successful, it seems to have worked.

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